Todays Look: Fall Neutrals

Lately I’ve been seeing stockings everywhere! Thats because its not too cold for boots, but its not too hot for light clothing either. Stockings provide the perfect in between for the weather that were going through before it gets very chilly.dsc_0035


I combined a charcoal colored leather skirt with a muted pink turtleneck to form a neutral color palette.


I paired this look with grey stockings to finish off the look in the same color tones. I love stockings because it adds a dainty factor to your look. It is both  minimalistic and elegant.dsc_0041


This look was very comfortable and fitting for the fall weather. Nothing says a fall-themed outfit like neutrals.


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One thought on “Todays Look: Fall Neutrals

  1. You’re so right about how they’re the perfect fit for mildly cool weather! It’s still in the high 60s and low 70s where I’m at and they’re my effort to hold onto a fall aesthetic in this not-so-chilly weather.

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